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Senior Product Manager

  • Product Management
  • Full-time
  • Remote

2022-11-14 19:00:15 UTC

We are looking for an experienced, outward-facing Senior Product Manager, who will play a key role in finding Earthly’s commercial product-market fit. You will work with build owners (Engineering Managers, DevOps Managers, Heads of Engineering, and Architects) from medium and large companies, help identify key customer pain points and requirements, and hypothesize fully packaged solutions that Earthly can then explore in the marketplace. Your mission is to create a compelling commercial product offering on top of Earthly's open-core foundation.

About Earthly

Earthly brings fast, secure, and repeatable CI builds. In a developer’s world of fragmented tools, programming languages, and frameworks, all of which require special environment setup, Earthly solves the “works on my machine” problem for CI/CD pipelines. Earthly is a platform that ensures your builds are executed the same way everywhere: your laptop, your colleague’s laptop, or the cloud. Earthly’s ability to automatically cache and spread computation across compute clusters, as well as the means to sandbox workloads, make it the fastest, yet most secure CI ever.

Earthly CI is based on the free and open software Earthly Core. Over 1,200 CI pipelines run Earthly Core today and over 1,000 monthly active users run Earthly Core on their laptops. Its usage is growing aggressively month over month.

We are a small team of talented software engineers building the development tools we wished we had available to us. Among us, we have ex-DigitalOcean, ex-VMware, ex-Tenable, ex-Weave, ex-Twillio, ex-Rudderstack, ex-Google engineers, and an ex-Sony UI designer. What we have in common is a passion for simple, easy-to-use, yet high-impact developer tools. We have significant runway to last throughout the tough economy and our investors include the founders of companies like Cockroach Labs, DataDog, DigitalOcean, Mesosphere, Instana, and Sentry, as well as the original creators of tools like Envoy Proxy, Kubernetes, GitHub Codespace, GitHub Copilot, VS code, the Elixir language, pandas, GIMP, and Mesos.


  1. User research: Define persona customer profiles, and understand key pain points.

  2. Product strategy: Develop and communicate the product strategy internally, to align the company towards customer-oriented goals.

  3. Experiment: Run Beta programs for upcoming products and features. Source well-qualified beta program candidates.

  4. Roadmap: Define the high-level product roadmap, informed by conversations from the field.

  5. GTM: Work closely with the CEO and the PMM to develop Earthly’s go-to-market strategy, define customer segments, explore partnerships, and experiment with pricing and monetization strategies.

  6. Product-market fit: Help manage outreach, sales motion, and customer success for early commercial prospects.

  7. Collaborate: Work closely with key stakeholders (design, engineering, sales, marketing, and developer relations) to deliver solutions that target customer pain points.


Please note that the requirements are for illustrative purposes mainly. The ideal candidate might not tick every checkbox.

  • Excellent outward-facing product management skills

    • 5+ years experience as a PM

    • 8+ years professional experience

    • Direct B2B enterprise experience

    • B2B self-serve experience

    • Experience with community-leveraged GTM

    • Hustler mentality

    • Strong communicator, strong listening skills

    • Strong leadership skills

    • Deep customer empathy

  • Domain knowledge

    • 3+ years experience as either a software developer, operations engineer, or solutions architect, or equivalent experience that provides a strong foundational understanding of modern SDLC

    • Previous experience as a PM at a company targeting Engineering and/or DevOps leadership: mainstream API company, developer tools company or OSS company

    • Strong knowledge of the CI/CD market landscape

    • Understanding of modern DevOps and CI/CD practices

    • Strong technical acumen, with a solid understanding of infrastructure, open source software, and modern application SDLC

    • Bonus points if you have been the build guru or the build owner in the past

    • Gain the trust and respect of Earthly’s engineering team

  • Alignment to the company culture

    • Early team member of the company: need to be scrappy and resourceful

    • Early team member of the company: tons of freedom, high impact, but also requires a lot of responsibility

    • Experience with remote working. Fully distributed team

    • Foster the Earthly culture within the company. The name “Earthly” was chosen from the expression “Down to Earth” - being friendly and accessible. Convey these values through your actions and your leadership.


  • Healthcare, dental, and vision plans including dependents (US and Canada only)

  • Fully remote company, with +/- 3 hours time-zone difference of each other: no late night meetings.

  • Incentive stock plan

  • 401k/RRSP with employer matching (US and Canada only)

  • Credits for gym or activity equipment (US and Canada only)

  • Work as part of a company with a strong open culture. Many contributions are visible and recognized publicly.

  • Work at an early-stage company, where your actions have a high impact. An environment with boundless freedom and high responsibility. Excellent if you want to pursue the founder path in your career.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 5 hours with San Francisco, CA, USA