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Ecosystem Engineer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • Remote

2022-11-14 22:01:21 UTC

We are looking for a talented Ecosystem Engineer for Earthly. Your mission is to create an excellent developer experience for Earthly users by creating custom integration for external tools and platforms: CI/CD platforms, build systems, IDEs, language servers. You will additionally explore ways to allow new users to adopt Earthly faster, by reducing the effort required to upgrade existing custom build scripts of theirs.

About Earthly

Earthly brings fast, secure, and repeatable CI builds. In a developer’s world of fragmented tools, programming languages, and frameworks, all of which require special environment setup, Earthly solves the “works on my machine” problem for CI/CD pipelines. Earthly is a platform that ensures your builds are executed the same way everywhere: your laptop, your colleague’s laptop, or the cloud. Earthly’s ability to automatically cache and spread computation across compute clusters, as well as the means to sandbox workloads, make it the fastest, yet most secure CI ever.

Earthly CI is based on the free and open software Earthly Core. Over 1,200 CI pipelines run Earthly Core today and over 1,000 monthly active users run Earthly Core on their laptops. Its usage is growing aggressively month over month.

We are a small team of talented software engineers building the development tools we wished we had available to us. Among us, we have ex-DigitalOcean, ex-VMware, ex-Tenable, ex-Weave, ex-Twillio, ex-Rudderstack, ex-Google engineers, and an ex-Sony UI designer. What we have in common is a passion for simple, easy-to-use, yet high-impact developer tools. We have significant runway to last throughout the tough economy and our investors include the founders of companies like Cockroach Labs, DataDog, DigitalOcean, Mesosphere, Instana, and Sentry, as well as the original creators of tools like Envoy Proxy, Kubernetes, GitHub Codespace, GitHub Copilot, VS code, the Elixir language, pandas, GIMP, and Mesos.


  1. Develop new integrations for additional CI/CD platforms, cloud vendors, and IDEs. Experiment with auto-generated CI specs when given an Earthfile.

  2. Maintain all external integrations, including CI/CD scripts and plugins, AWS/GCP/Azure secrets providers, IDE plugins, and syntax highlighting packages.

  3. Develop the Earthly lib - a library of common build tasks, that may include security scanning, building for particular programming languages, integrations with deployment targets (e.g. Netlify)

  4. Experiment with auto-generated Earthfiles, to allow users to onboard existing projects onto Earthly by auto-detecting the underlying setup and auto-generating initial Earthfiles.

  5. Maintain Earthly packages across all the marketplaces (Homebrew, AUR, etc.)

  6. Contribute to and maintain Earthly Core to support all of the above.

  7. Maintain and improve the onboarding documentation for Earthly Core.

  8. Support the usage of Earthly’s integrations across the Earthly community.


  • Solid experience as a Software Engineer

    • Minimum 5 years experience as a software engineer, ideally building API services and backends

    • Minimum 4 years delivering and being responsible for software in production

    • Solid Go

    • Programming language polyglot. Need to know at least 4 languages from the following list: JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Rust, Java, C#, Scala.

    • OS polyglot. Solid Linux knowledge. Mac OS and/or Windows daily user, or strong knowledge.

    • Solid understanding of Docker, Bash, Makefiles, build systems in general and CI/CD tools (eg Jenkins, Circle, Travis, GH Actions)

    • Bonus points for deep understanding of container internals, such as runc, buildkit, containerd, cgroups, container networking internals, virtualization, linux systems engineering, oci image format, registries, stargz snapshotter.

    • Bonus points for experience with gRPC and protobuf

    • Experience with modern DevOps practices, including frequent releases

    • Keen eye for high-quality engineering standards

    • Bonus points for experience with Kubernetes

  • Strong written communication skills

    • Bonus points for experience maintaining publicly facing technical documentation

  • Alignment to the company culture

    • Early team member of the company: need to be scrappy and resourceful

    • Early team member of the company: tons of freedom, high impact, but also requires a lot of responsibility

    • Experience with remote working. Fully distributed team

    • Foster the Earthly culture within the company. The name “Earthly” was chosen from the expression “Down to Earth” - being friendly and accessible. Convey these values through your actions and your leadership.


  • Healthcare, dental, and vision plans including dependents (US and Canada only)

  • Fully remote company, with +/- 3 hours time-zone difference of each other: no late night meetings.

  • Incentive stock plan

  • 401k/RRSP with employer matching (US and Canada only)

  • Credits for gym or activity equipment (US and Canada only)

  • Work as part of a company with a strong open culture. Many contributions are visible and recognized publicly.

  • Work at an early-stage company, where your actions have a high impact. An environment with boundless freedom and high responsibility. Excellent if you want to pursue the founder path in your career.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 5 hours with San Francisco, CA, USA